Photographing Flowers

I hope you enjoy photographing flowers as much as I do.  Photographing flowers is a great way to capture great images and built your skills & camera knowledge.

Many of the images here were taken in my backyard flower garden, or perhaps on a local botanic garden (like the one on the right).

Also, flower photography can be done with a variety of lenses.  I typically shoot flowers with either a 100-400mm telephoto or a 100mm macro lens.

As you probably know, photographing images in during the "golden hour" gives you beautiful, soft and easy to work with light.  

In the image to the left, you can see amazingly bright and vibrant colors, but you can tell that this was shot during the height of the day due to the bright highlights!  It's nevertheless a very striking image and could easily be used on a greeting card or postcard.

Check out the some other shots I took at the local botanic gardens.